Light Towers


  • Various units available up to 350kW

  • Flexible engine management system that is compatible with propane, natural gas and well gas

  • Built in fuel / water separator

  • Paralleling capabilities and endless power for oil and gas operations

Hydrus Energy Solutions

Our specialized generators have the potential to offer users savings of over $700 a day in Diesel fuel costs through the use of cost effective power, sourced from well gas byproduct. The Eco friendly design reduces the need for flaring and assits well sites with EPA compliance and green completion requirements under the New Source Performance Standards (NSPA).


Mounted on a full tubular steel frame trailer, our light towers offer a compact design, quick setup and long run time to maximize efficiency. An added start limit beaker assures no load condition exists before starting.


  • 4,000 - 20,000 watts of light with individual floodlight circuits

  • 360° mast and light fixture rotation with locking system for flexible illumination

  • 120v & 240v convenience outlets supply additional power supply on-site

  • 4 point outrigger stance withstands up to 65mph winds

Hydrus Energy Solutions
Water Heaters

W-Series water units use safe direct heat (8 -12 degrees Celcius / 46 - 53 degrees Farenheit) that allows for continuous heating thorughout operations including filling, fra'cing, and pumping. They are ideal for high capacity water storage tanks, 400 bbl tanks, 500 bbl tanks, 1000 bbl tanks, ponds, in-line heating, pipeline heating, and tank farms.

Hydrus Energy Solutions
Flameless Air Heaters
Hydrus Energy Solutions

A-Series air units allow the flow of clean, breathable and dry (88 degrees celcius / 190 degrees farenheit) air output at up to 5000 CFM without the use of additional H2O. They are ideal for:

Heating: BOP's, permanent and temporary facilities, substrutucres, derricks and pre-heating equipment

Thawing: Equipment, stairs, floors, snow-drifts, walkway.

Flameless Glyco Heaters

G-Series glycol units heat and ciculate glycol at 85 degrees Celcius / 185 degrees Farenheit through hose, coil, inserts, exchangers, or steam lines. They are ideal for heating tanks, cement tanks, cone tanks, flowback tanks, flocculation tanks, injection tanks, remote tank farms, heated line wraps, well heads, manifold, gas busters, choke lines, flow lines, buoy lines.

Hydrus Energy Solutions
Water Transfer

Hydrus' water transfer capabilities are able to connect water sources, tank, pits, multiple pad locations, treatment facilities, nad disposals. We offer a dependable, unified network for water supply and for simple planning process through tough climate conditions.

Hydrus Energy Solutions


• Multiple Lay-Flat Sizes

• Road Crossings

• Above Ground Storage Tanks


• Auto Spooler

• Pigging Capabilities

• Fast Pipe Fusion